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How To Spot A Liar 94% Of The Time And Find Out The Truth!

Learn how to spot a liar 94% of the time by just looking at their face and upper body! Why keep getting lied to when you can learn how to uncover the truth by reading this page?

If you answered "Yes" to one or more of these questions, then you need to know this:

You can easily learn lie detecting techniques that will work on almost everyone. I GUARANTEE it.

Why stay gullible and look foolish, when you can improve your lie detection accuracy NOW!?


The average human can spot a liar only 26% of the time! And falsely believes true statements are lies 22% of the time! That's right. Spotting a Liar is a very difficult without the proper training.

That means, on average, if someone was told 50 lies, they would not catch 37 of the lies! And if someone was told 50 true things, they would think 11 are lies (when they are not)!

Here's a chart that will explain this:

Lie/Truth Chart Image
Green boxes are lies identified as lies, or truths identified as truths (correct). Red boxes are lies identified as truths or truths identified as lies (WRONG!)

The average person is wrong 74% of the time they are being lied to, and 22% of the time they are being told the truth! That averages 48%! That means the average person is wrong about whether he's being told the truth or a lie ALMOST HALF THE TIME!

You can stop being just "An Average Person" and learn to become 94% accurate at detecting lies TODAY!

Here's a little about me;

My name is Alex Campbell.

When I grew up, my parents never lied to me. They were honest about everything. There was no Santa, and no Tooth Fairy. So I grew up expecting everyone else to be just as honest. It wasn't until I turned 20, after:
I thought "I need to smarten up and find out how to tell when someone is lying". For two years, I read one psychology book after another; I read every psychology book in every library in the city, I special ordered books from Europe that are not sold in North America. I took psychology courses that weren't required in university. I even took the extra step of attending the local municipal court and watching trials to see how accurate I was at detecting when people lied.

After all this, I was not only an expert at detecting lies, but I was an expert at lying (it's terrible, I know).

I was a car salesman for seven years. I was so astonished of my accuracy at lie detection and ability to lie, that it got out of hand, and I went a bit too far. I was making six figures a year, because of lying.

This sounds very nice, but I was disappointed in the fact that I was lying to people to earn money. So I quit selling cars and returned to school last year. I'm currently working on getting a degree in psychology.

I believe that everyone should possess the knowledge I possess. I believe that everyone should always know what is true and what is not. However, it is very unlikely for everyone to read as many books as I've read, and spend as many hours as I have spent to learn what I have learned.

I have read over 500 books about human psychology, 521 books as of today to be exact. And most books have the same boring useless information, over and over and over again. This is why I have written a short book on lie detection. It covers all of the essentials that you need to know. There is no boring filler, there are no "facts" about the brain that you don't need to know. Every word is there for a reason.

There are so many techniques; you will be 94% accurate at detecting lies, but not too many, so you will be able to remember every single technique.

Of course, this book is not free. Nothing valuable is ever free.

I am selling this book of lie detection secrets for only $50.

NO. Scratch that. From now until January 20th, 2022, I will only charge $29.97 for my book.

after 11:59PM on January 20th, 2022, the price will be back up to $50. So get your copy now!

I offer a NO-QUESTION, 200% Money-Back Guarantee!

Read again, this is not a typo. Two Hundred Percent Money-Back Guarantee.

Read the book, if you are not satisfied, I will refund TWICE the amount you paid. To top it off; YOU CAN KEEP THE BOOK! I am so sure of my lie detecting techniques; I am willing to put money where my mouth is.

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I am only selling this book on my website; you will not find it anywhere else.

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Sincerely Yours,
Alex Campbell
Alex Campbell
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